Craft Sportswear


Never let your ambition be limited by your clothes

At Craft Sportswear, we embody the spirit of relentless pursuit and passion for excellence. Born from sweat and pain, wind and rain, our journey is one of falling and rising, constantly pushing the boundaries of endurance. Whether you're competing at the Olympics or training at home, exploring the woods or navigating city streets, our mission is to elevate your performance with our meticulously crafted sportswear.

Since 1973, when Swedish inventor Anders Bengtsson first tested Craft underwear on a run, we've been dedicated to keeping athletes dry and at optimal body temperature in all weather conditions. Our commitment to performance is unwavering, reflected in every detail of our sports clothing. We live and breathe sports, with our team regularly testing our latest gear through running, cycling, and cross-country skiing.

Our partnership with top athletes worldwide drives our innovation and excellence. At Craft, we believe life is sweat, and our goal is to master it. As pioneers in functional baselayers, we have developed and produced performance sportswear for recreational, amateur, and professional athletes since 1977. Our collection now includes Craft Corporate and Craft Teamwear, each piece designed and tested in diverse climates to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment for athletes and professionals alike.

The success of Craft lies in our unique 3-layer principle, built on extensive collaboration with elite athletes globally. We focus on testing and integrating fibers, fabrics, and materials that provide optimal ventilation, moisture wicking, insulation, and protection. Our versatile materials, striking designs, and attention to detail make Craft Sportswear the ultimate choice for those who aim for the best in every endeavor.

Join us at Craft Sportswear, where every piece is designed to race and perform at the highest level.

Active Corporate Wear

Made with sports DNA

We make people move at gyms, tracks and courts. On slopes and forest trails. And in workplaces all over the world. Our Active Corporate Wear collection is inspired by everything we’ve learned from making functional garments for the world’s greatest
athletes. Bringing fit, durability and breathability to the modern workplace, our clothes are designed to make the most out of office hours and beyond. Inspiring co-workers to take the stairs more often, schedule more meetings outside and make exercise a part of the daily routine. Studies show that active workplaces enjoy higher productivity, happier employees
and fewer sick days. So don’t be surprised if the next quarterly report is a win.

Download full Craft Corporate collection here

Craft Teamwear

Craft Teamwear equips world champions and everyday heroes alike, offering the tools for inspired sports performance and athletic progress. Our athletes work out for freedom, happiness, and improvement, enhancing the quality of life. We serve people of all ages and genders who value physical movement, design, and functionality.

With our Teamwear collection, Craft delivers high-quality gear for entire teams in diverse designs and colors. From training and competition to presentations and leisure, we provide comprehensive uniforms for women's, men's, and junior teams, along with a broad range of apparel for coaches and support staff. At Craft, we are passionate about sports and committed to innovation, design, and performance.

Download full Craft Teamwear collection here

Craft Custom

Craft Custom offers exceptional options for creating unique sports outfits for teams, companies, or events. Collaborate with the Make Your Own Design team to develop a distinctive Craft Custom team outfit. We provide a special selection of articles for Bike and Track & Field sports that can be customized with your own design, giving you the perfect opportunity to make a unique impression at the start line.

Craft's innovative and functional clothing is developed in close collaboration with professional athletes, allowing us to understand the needs of both elite and active athletes. This expertise ensures you can create a custom team outfit perfectly tailored to the user.

Our design process always starts with the athletes and their needs. By asking questions such as how they train, how they ride their bikes or run, and how they sweat, Craft maps the ergonomics of different types of athletes.

Within Craft Custom, you'll find articles for Bike and Track & Field sports. The Bike collection is divided into three sub-levels: Active, Performance, and Elite. The Track & Field collection is divided into two sub-levels: Performance and Elite. Benefit from Craft's years of expertise to create a custom team outfit that is perfectly aligned with your needs.

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